iButtons (Segway keys) for sale

I got fed up with the ridiculous order time (6 to 12 weeks!) and the shipping and handling fee at Dallas Semiconductor, so I bought a large batch of Dallas DS1993L-F5 iButtons, and am reselling them to those who need them. These are the iButtons used as keys for the Segway HT, and for various other applications (security, access control, product tracking, et cetra).

Order Form

Use the Order Form for the easiest handling of your order.

iButton DS1993L-F5, $10 each

The iButtons are $10 each.

iButton fobs - $1.25 each - your choice of color

iButton keychain fobs are available in black, red, yellow, blue, and green.

The fobs are $1.25 each, or $5 for a rainbow-pack (1 of each color)

Segway key duplication / reprogramming - $10

In addition to the iButton parts, I also provide Segway key duplication/reprogramming for a fee.

You can send me your existing keys for reprogramming or buy parts from me (see above).

A standard duplication (black, yellow, or red key) is $10 for the first key, and $4 for each key thereafter.
Custom keys (non-standard setting) is $15 for the first key, and $5 for each key thereafter.
Special offer: "demo mode" custom duplication (aka "the green key") is available as a free service (shipping+handling apply). This mode slows the Segway to 4 mph!

Please provide your Segway Key Code with your Segway key duplication order!

Segway key software

The Segway key software is available for download here. The programs are provided as-is, and without any technical support. You will need to install the Dallas TMEX drivers on your computer and have the appropriate TMEX-compatible programming hardware.


As of 7-10-2005, there is plenty of the items in stock to meet normal orders. Orders will usually ship in 1 or 2 days.


Please contact ibutton@candlelighttechnology.com if you are interested in the ibuttons or the Segway key duplication.

Orders above $100 receive a 10% discount. Additional discounts available for large orders - please inquire.

Prices do not include shipping, and there is a $5 handling charge for small orders under $20. Payments via PayPal preferred. Checks are okay but will involve a wait time...

Please specify the item and quantities desired, and your shipping address. For key duplication/programming, also included your Segway key code. I will e-mail you to confirm the order and give you the order total.

All items are new unless otherwise specified.

Joseph Chiu (aka ToyBuilder on SegwayChat)
Segway owner since March 2003!